Communication Across Cultures Conference

University of Lincoln: Friday, 17th November 2017

Presenters & Facilitators

International Student led Conference
Communication Across Culture
Students Presenters and Workshop facilitators:


Anastasiya Tsymbal




At the conference she will present how research activity can be used as a means of intercultural sensitivity development. At the moment she is doing a research in psychology devoted to intercultural competence, where intercultural sensitivity is seen as the core one. She has been involved in this project since 2008 when she co-organized The International Research School (a summer project where teenagers from different countries carry out a research project in different scientific areas like molecular biology, chemistry, ecology, psychology, linguistics within 10 days). After the project was held for the first time we realized that a special program should be developed to help all the participants to communicate and work together more efficiently. So, in her presentation she will share some ideas how to organise successful communication between representatives of different cultures.


Irina Grishina



Irina has MSc degree in Psychology. At the moment she is a postgraduate student and an assistant in the School of Psychological Anthropology, Moscow State Pedagogical University. The scope of her research interests extends to the personal and professional self-determination in adolescence, as well as the study of different nationalities and cultures in the context of socio-cultural psychology and visual anthropology. Every year with a team of colleagues she goes to different parts of Russia, and makes a documentary film about the life, especially philosophy, beliefs, rites of inhabitants of this or that nation. Her presentation at the conference will be devoted to the particularities of entering into the culture of the people through the creation of a documentary film.


Claudia Di Matteo




Claudia obtained her Bachelor in Social Work in 2010 and her Master Degree in Sociology in 2013, both in the University of Rome. In the meanwhile she developed her skills as a social worker working as a volunteer both in the public service sector and in private sector (Save the Children in one of the poor area of the City of Rome).

She has been officially registered as a Social Worker in Italy since February 2012.

She worked in the field of migrations and child protection, both in Italy and in Africa, developing local project for the (re)inclusion of people.

Her academic interests are gender equality, welfare systems, sociology of organization, child protection, migrations.


Biswash Praja (Chepang )



Biswash graduated in Social work from K and K College Kathmandu affiliated to Tribhuvan University in 2015.

He worked in children sector for four years in different organizations; Children off the Street (NGO), Underprivileged Children Educational Program Nepal and Juvenile correction home.

He is passionate to work in community development specially Chepang community which is indigenous and marginalized community of Nepal. Although this is his first time travelling outside his country, he love to travel and learn different cultures and practices in different countries which will be highly useful for social work practices.

Social work ADVANCES course is life changing course where he have met friends from 13 different countries. He has a cultural shock comparing with other ones.


Tinatin Tsertsvadze




Tina Worked in Juvenile justice system as a social worker for 4 years, providing rehabilitation programs to the beneficiaries in the prison and community settings, monitoring of the implementation of individual sentence plan of the probationers and diverted, preparing pre-sentence assessment for courts, also assessing the families of juveniles in prison for release committee. Tina actively participated in creating and developing new rehabilitation modules for beneficiaries in the National Probation Agency in Georgia, worked as a trainer organizing and conducting various training programs for professionals, was awarded for the contribution to the development of restorative justice system in Georgia in 2015.

Major Fields of interest: The role of Social work in the Justice system, Advocacy in social work practice, the role of social work services in the social problem elimination of various target groups.


Dust Wang Chen




Dust has her Bachelor of Art in Advertising and Double Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in Xiamen University, China.

She obtained her Master of Social Science in Social Work in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a student in the MA in Advanced Development in Social Work, Erasmus Mundus

She has been a registered social worker in Hong Kong (since 2012) and Singapore (since 2014).

She has various exposure to social work practices , such as Senior Home Care to support the fragile elderly aging in place; Family and Children/youth work, especially working with at-risk teenagers; Community intervention for mental health issues.

Her main interest areas are: Adventurous-Based Counselling and Programs with adolescents; education and family therapy.


Lisarb Valéria Montes D’Oco




Lisarb has her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and in Social Work, specialized in Ethics and Education in Human Rights (UFRGS – Brazil), current student in Erasmus Mundus MA in Advanced Development in Social Work (University of Lincoln).

She has professional experience in Brazil with gender and feminist projects and also working with human rights and refugees.


María Alejandra Acosta




Maria is a social worker who has developed her practice in development, management and evaluation of social projects and research in the human rights area. She has experience on evaluation of public policies; systematization and analysis of pedagogic practices with human right’s approach aimed at children and adolescents; research and documental review; support and accompany youth groups for the development of alternative media; and training for handicapped people, rural population and conflict victims for strengthening their incidence in public decisions to reclaim their rights and to improve their organizing capacity.

She worked as a trainer for conflict victims and public servers in the application of the public policy for victims, and she has worked in the design and analysis of pedagogic strategies for populations who require to strength their participation and to know their rights and the ways to access them.


Veerle Meijer




Veerle has her Bachelor of Social Work from University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

She worked with a NGO-The Youth Company. She was the Member of Board, youth worker, group leader, trainer, project organizer & manager. The Youth Company supports young people to take initiative and create a sustainable future for themselves and their communities by providing (non-formal) learning through training activities, intercultural exchanges and talent development opportunities.

Other exposure: Social Services in multicultural Dutch neighborhoods, Interviewer Prison Project, nursery and mediation.

Norhainah Abdul Aziz




Norhainah is a professional social worker specializing in peace-building processes and advocacy movement for intercultural and interfaith understanding of minorities in the Philippines. Formerly involved in social and legal policy-making, academic teaching and grassroots empowerment through community works. Spearheaded a social and alternative media advocacy called ‘Stories of Bangsamoro’ which is a project attempt in answering the wave of Islamophobia plaguing not just local context but in global scale.

Currently, she is taking up MA Advanced Development in Social Work under the Erasmus Mundus Programme.


Gashaye Melaku Tefera




Gashaye graduated with BA in Sociology, MSW and currently studying Advanced Development in Social Work under ADVANCES program.

He worked as a teacher for five years in two Ethiopian universities and contributed his part in expanding BA social work programs in his country. For the last four years, he has been working in various nongovernmental organizations in Ethiopia from project officer level to executive director position. Community development, women and youth empowerment, child rights, research, population and environment were his main areas of engagement.

Apart from his profession, he is a song writer and an author of ‘Shiboleth’, a book in written and published in Amharic.


Lloyd Moyo




Lloyd is a Social worker with 4 years’ experience working with children and families. Having worked for a non-governmental organization called Oasis Zimbabwe, the practitioner has amassed skills in planning and organizing, communication, working in a multi-cultural environment, interpersonal skills, advocacy, analytical and critical thinking skills.

He has experience in child and social protection included reinforcing links between government and community based structures related to child protection, stakeholder engagement, designing social protection programmes for orphans and vulnerable children. Monitoring and evaluation and research are also skills that have been gained.


Jordanne Edwards




Jordanne is a proud Caribbean native, born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Her passion for social justice and holistic health led her to pursue a career in Social Work. She completed her undergraduate studies at The University of the West Indies, Jamaica and Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada where she specialized in Generalist and Anti-Oppressive practice, respectively. This experience granted her the opportunity to work in Human Rights Development in Jamaica where she served as the Youth Coordinator and Programme Assistant for an anti-discrimination initiative, lobbying for the fair and equal rights of all Jamaicans.

Jordanne strives to expand her practice in social justice oriented fields and is currently pursuing a MA in Advanced Development in Social Work, in order to undertake a more critical analysis of social work practice in local and globalized contexts.


Anna Maria Antonios




Anna is currently enrolled in the Advances Master’s degree Programme on International Development in Social Work. She has a B.A in Social Work and Psychology and has much experience in the field of social work especially with the development and implementation of psychosocial support programmes in emergency settings.

She worked as a Project coordinator on psychosocial support and child protection programmes in Syria and as Trainer on psychosocial support methodologies in affected areas of conflict at War Child Holland and Lapis.

In addition, she held an Educational Entrepreneurship Coordinator position (Community Development) in the Arab World at the UN – International Labour Organization (ILO).

In addition to her work experience, Anna volunteered for 16 years and eventually led one group in the scout’s movement in Lebanon and contributed in several community development projects.


Adam Nyende




I understand my calling in life to be – to help people ‘realise their potential.’ This potential is the truth about who they are, what they are capable of and how to overcome what truly holds them back. I have been working to fulfil that calling over the past 10 years; through speaking, facilitation, empowering and challenging societal structures that hold people back.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of people ranging from children, youth, refugees, policy makers among others. These audiences probably total in the thousands. Some of the areas that I have dealt with include Leadership, Personal and Community Development, Human Rights, Policymaking and a host of others. I have a passion for working with people of diverse backgrounds to appreciate and celebrate the richness of cultures.

I am presently working with the Ugandan government under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. But before that, I worked with the Center for Refugees and Forced Migrants in Uganda.

When I am not out changing the world, you will find me hanging out with my family and close friends!!


Macala Talton




I am a first year MSc Social Work student at the University of Lincoln. I started this programme in September after graduating from the BSc Health and Social Care at the same University. I have a strong background in working with children with additional needs, with a particular interest in Autism and the inclusion of those on the Autism Spectrum, however I am very keen to expand my horizons further and develop a passion for something new.


Nicole Mitchell




Nicole is currently a student at the University of Lincoln where she is studying for a masters’ degree in Social Work. She is local to Lincoln and has spent much of her working life supporting people local to the area. Nicole has worked with both children and adults with learning disabilities through roles with Kids Strut and Mencap. Her most recent role was with a local carer support team through Lincolnshire County Council which involved assessment, support and advocacy. These roles within social care further enhanced Nicole’s passion for this sector and lead her to pursue a career as a social worker.


Victoria Sutton




Victoria is from Lincoln, she holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Special Educational Needs and Inclusion and is experienced in working in a range of professional care and educational organisations. Victoria has a particular interest in fostering and adoption and hopes to gain a range of perspectives during her studies on MSc Social Work programme.


Jessica Nielson




Jessica is currently a student at the University of Lincoln where she is studying for a masters’ degree in Social Work. Jessica’s hometown is Hull which is just an hour up the road. Jessica currently works as a care and support worker for a child in Hull with cerebral palsy. Jessica is also a listening volunteer with the Samaritans, a national charity that’s main aim is to be there for anyone who needs someone to talk too.


Erasmus Mundus